Foong Kah Wai

Yo, once again, your name is here. Haha.........
I know you you hope for it xD
Today is your big day, just leave all the problems or sadness behind.
No one can steal your happiness from you unless you're weak, but I know you are stronger than that.
After today, no matter what happens, trust yourself, your choice and your path.
Never regret!

I wish you will happy all the time.
I wish you have a simple and healthy life.
I wish  you always have positive mind..........

Today not my birthday, so 3 wishes for you not me. Hahahaha~
Okay, anyway I hope our friendship can stay forever, just forget about for those who are give up friendship easily or treat friendship like children game.

And one more thing, treat your stomach good, don't always post on facebook and tell me that you have eat nothing for whole day~
I thought wanna buy a present box with chocolate milk, koko crunch, biscuits, dry guava and so forth. But it seems like a little bit weird if I going to take this box to college for you .......So, I rather write something on here and the words won't disappear. Kekeke........


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漫月 said...

Foong, good luck to you always!